Belfast Man Creates Positive Covid Test With Fruit Drink

A Belfast man has shown that a positive lateral flow test can be achieved simply by drinking ‘cs’. Matthew Thompson, a reporter at LBC radio in London, investigated claims that some children had been using popular fruit drinks to distort the results of their tests.

Thompson tried it himself at home and it worked.

Germany After The Flooding

Germany is in shock. Days of heavy rain caused several rivers to burst their banks, flooding entire towns and villages. More than 160 people lost their lives. Now survivors are battling to clean up in the wake of the disaster.

Several European countries have been hit by extreme weather, and many lives have been lost. Regions in western Germany have been most severely affected: in Rhineland-Palatinate, the south of North Rhine-Westphalia, and parts of Bavaria.

The floodwaters destroyed highways, houses and whole communities. The floods have receded, leaving behind thick mud and tons of rubble. Chancellor Angela Merkel and other political leaders visited the disaster zones, offering encouragement and promising swift financial help for victims of the flooding.

But many of those affected have criticized the emergency response as chaotic. In contrast, communities came together in solidarity – many people traveled long distances to offer their help.