Goldbricker Busted By Ex-Girlfriend

Man Found Way To Automate His W.F.H Job But Got Busted After Disgruntled Ex-Girlfriend Revealed All To His Boss

A man revealed on Reddit all about how he “cheated” his way to a 2-hours workday by shaving 5-hours a day from his work-from-home job by using automation.

But things took an ugly turn after his ex-girlfriend snitched to HR just two days after the pair had broken up. [Ha!]

In the Reddit post he said he had always been efficient at his job and much faster than his colleagues at getting reports done.

Though he did not specify his job title, he did mention how he “mostly wrote reports which had the same calculations and said very similar things.”

He admitted to working a mere 2.5 hours of the day before spending the other 5 doing anything he wanted – “You Tube videos, day trading, reading up investments or looking at silly memes.”

“It was awesome”, he said.

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